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Equines like to play too! At Berger's Agway in Sciota PA, you can find many different sorts of toys that your equine will enjoy playing with all day long. Unlike what many people believe, horses do get tired when they do not have anything to do. Equines require toys they can maneuver with their feet and mouths. Just like human babies, steeds like to shake, roll, chew, and just move things about. At Berger's Agway, all of the equine toys they provide are durable and built to last. All of the toys, they sell are made from quality materials and are designed so that your horse can play for hours and not get bored! Play balls are among the most preferred horse toys that Berger's Agway has to offer. The balls can be found in several sizes but are all large enough to prevent your steed or pony from stepping on them. Horses can run, kick, nudge, and maneuver from one place to another. Equines will pass a ball to each other and hang out just enjoying themselves. Each ball is produced using thick materials that resist punctures from being grabbed or from getting too near to tree limbs or other things. Some balls are designed with openings or open areas where you can insert treats like carrots or small amounts of hay or hay dices. The more your horse plays and moves the ball around, the more treats they will receive. Berger's Agway also provides a range of chew toys and 'pacifiers' to accommodate horses who like to chew on the wood in their stalls or enclosures. Chew toys and pacifiers are available that will please your horse's need to chew and at the same time safeguard the wood in their stalls and pens. Chew toys are made from very strong materials that will not come apart. Pacifiers are designed to be the ideal shape to fit in your equine's mouth without becoming a hazard. No matter what type of steed toy you are seeking, you can constantly go to Berger's Agway in Sciota, PA Call (570) 992-5300 and talk with one of the staff members on hand if you have inquiries on what is available or to just ask what most equines like to play with. Your horse does not need to be tired! Spice up their life with a few toys and enjoy how active they become! Buy two or three to ensure that your steed has something different to have fun with. Keep life intriguing and invest a couple of minutes having fun with them everyday.


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