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Do the fish in your aquarium look different? Do they have white patches, cloudy eyes, or rough fins? Is their behavior unusual? Even well cared for fish can get sick, and when they do, Berger's Agway in Sciota, PA has the fish health and wellness products to bring them back to their normal, healthy selves. We also stock everything you need to keep your fish healthy and balanced.

The help prevent your fish from getting sick, feed them properly and don't overcrowd the tank. Monitor temperature levels. Do your partial water replacements consistently. Occasionally, however, despite your best efforts, diseases find their way into an aquarium. Here are some common aquarium fish illnesses and the signs that your fish might be suffering from them:

Ich, short for Ichthyophthirius multifiliis, is the most common aquarium parasite. Signs of ich (pronounced "ick") are: raised white spots, quick breathing, rubbing against ornaments, or darting about the tank. There are medications and other treatments available for ich.

Other parasites include chilodonella, with symptoms similar to ich, and oodinium, also known as rust, gold, or velvet dust disease, which creates an oddly colored dusting on the fish's body. There are also fish lice, anchor worms, flukes, and nematodes. Various signs and symptoms include irregular swimming, loss of color, too much mucous, difficulty breathing, and bloating or wasting.

After parasites, one of the most typical diseases are bacterial infections, such as fin and tail rot. Symptoms of the bacterial disease are white film, cloudy eyes, rough fins, and open sores. Bacterial infections are complicated to treat due to the fact that prescription antibiotics can interfere with the aquarium and filter.

Fungal infections are much less frequent and typically take the form of cotton-like growths.

Viral infections occur in goldfish and koi but are much less common in other aquarium fish.

If you see or suspect any of these issues in your fish, it's a good idea to talk to an specialist regarding diagnosis and treatment. Pictures and videos can be helpful in conveying the symptoms you're seeing.

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