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#1 Trusted Solution for Equine and Pet Owners

Berger's Agway is proud to carry Banixx in Sciota, Pennsylvania. Banixx is both effective and extremely safe - it can be used without worry on wounds or fungus infections around the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears, and has proven to be particularly effective at eliminating dog ear infections, dog hot spots, and dog or cat ringworm. Use it with confidence to successfully treat wounds, fungus, horse scratches, rain rot, ringworm, abscesses, thrush, white line disease, bacterial infections, fungal infections, fly bites or just some itchy skin on your pets.

Banixx For Cats

  • Cat Ear Yeast Infections
  • Ringworm in Cats
  • Cat Skin Infections
  • Cat Fungus Infections
  • Wounds, Cuts, Punctures

Banixx For Dogs

  • Treating Ear Infections in Dogs
  • Dog Hot Spots
  • Dog Skin Yeast Infections and Itchy Skin
  • Ringworm in Dogs
  • Mange in Dogs
  • Wrinkle Infections in Dogs

Treat Infection In Chicken And Poultry With Banixx

  • Pecking Sores 
  • Raw Vent Area Injuries 
  • Bumble foot (Bumblefoot) 
  • Fowl Pox

Banixx For Horses

  •  Rain-Rot (also called rain scald)
  •  Scratches
  •  Skin infections
  •  White-Line disease
  •  Pigeon Fever
  •  Fungus infections
  •  Ringworm
  •  Wounds, punctures, and injuries
  •  Infections
  •  Lacerations
  •  Thrush
  •  Abscesses

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